How to Get SAP HotNews Delivered to Your Inbox Every Day

SAP Hotnews is a free online portal with a news section that features recent SAP news and notes. The site was launched in 1999 and is a subsidiary of Media Bit Software SRL, a company that is majority owned by two former Capital journalists. The website has a multi-media format and offers content in video and audio formats. The content can also be customized for specific topics and product versions. For more information, visit


Depending on your needs, HotNews can be tailored to the product or application that you’re working on. Most of the articles are organized by module or application, and you can select the topic and product version that you’re interested in. Whether you’re looking for technical information about SAP products, or a quick overview of SAP business processes, HotNews can keep you informed. And as it’s delivered by email, you’ll never miss an important update.

In case you’re concerned that your organization is violating copyright laws, you can customize HotNews to your specific needs. You can view the latest news in your company, choose what is important to you, and set up filters for urgent or non-urgent updates. And as with any subscription, HotNews can be tailored to suit your personal preferences. It’s easy to subscribe and you’ll get them in your inbox every day.

To customize HotNews, go to Help > Manage Applications and Upgrades. You’ll see a section where you can select the application version you want to customize. There’s a dropdown box for your preferences and you can also select which modules and sub-modules you want to view. You can even choose which versions of HotNews you want to receive. Once you’ve chosen the right one, you can click on the link to access the SAP Support Launchpad.

If you’re looking for news about specific products or software, SAP HotNews can be customized to your needs. You can choose the version of SAP software you’re using or the sub-modules you’re using. Once you’ve chosen the application, you can subscribe to the SAP HotNews website and receive updates via email. You can even customize the content for your own company. You can also use a mobile phone to view SAP HotNews in your company.

While HotNews is free to use and available on the SAP Support Launchpad, it does have some limitations. It can only be accessed through the SAP Solution Manager. However, it is a useful tool for SAP users, as you can customize the alerts and customize accounts. A few other downsides to HotNews include the lack of customization features and clunky filtering. It’s best to use it in conjunction with the SAP One Support Launchpad and SAP ONE to receive the latest news.

While Hotnews is free to use, it does have some limitations. The system’s filtering features are too narrow and there is no way to customize the news list. It also doesn’t show the latest changes in SAP systems. It doesn’t always display all the important information for a company, which is why many users don’t use it for their daily news needs. In addition, SAP Hotnews does not display all the changes to the SAP system.